Luke 23:39-43

Last Chance Ministry is a prison fellowship, offering hope and spiritual counseling to prisoners and their families.

Matthew 6:33 King James Version (KJV)  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Let Him give you a hand

Hi, there. I'm Tim.

Have you tried everything else only to find disappointment and emptiness?

God is calling you... open up your heart and allow Him to fill the void you are feeling. We all look for the "Keys" to success... and for most of us we find ourselves searching in the wrong places, for the wrong things. Open your heart to Him and receive all that the Lord has promised. We pray that through our ministry, the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you to your purpose in life.

Redeemed By Grace Fellowship Church

Last Chance Ministry is a men's prison fellowship, offering hope and spiritual counseling to prisoners. It is our hope that we can help all to find a new way of life in Jesus Christ.  We are excited to share that The Lord is guiding Last Chance Ministry to take a step closer to our vision of "the village": a place that men and women can find hope, healing, and life recovery from the brokenness of their lives after prison.
We recently added "Redeemed By Grace Fellowship" to our ministry. The church began having services in June of this year at the North Park Baptist Church. Our outreach program includes services for the families of men and women in prison and those who have been recently released. The church is located at 3810 Bancroft St. in San Diego.
Pastor Tim Neff will begin our new Life Recovery series during the "Redeemed by Grace Fellowship," starting on Saturday, September the 8th from 4:00 to 6:00pm. This is a 13 part weekly series and it is our sincere prayer that you will join us.
There are many ideas on how to be successful in life, but the truth is that until our minds, body, soul and spirit are in one accord there will be a disconnection. Please pray about joining us if you are feeling a little unbalanced. The ironic thing is we have NO control over our bodies or minds; we can only control our souls. The single most important aspect IS YOUR soul, as it lives forever and not your present mind or body.
If you are not able to join us, please pray with us, as our hearts desire is to learn how to please the Father and allow Him to redeem us through the precious Blood of JESUS. We look forward to seeing you and sharing fellowship together as we Worship and Praise the One who brings healing on His wings.

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